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Welcome to Grow, a special edition of Territories. In this month’s newsletter, we share stories and skills from partisans involved with food production, land stewardship, and rural organizing.

What does it mean to grow food and care for one another in a warming world? How can we organize ourselves as friends, neighbors, and communities while the broken promises of politicians accumulate? How can we develop meaningful attachments to place and also stand with those everywhere defending the earth?

As winter begins to thaw, we look for new growth everywhere. To love this world is the same as to fight for it.

Path B: Sunchokes

What partisans can learn from a root vegetable

Learning to care for each other in new ways is more urgent than ever. In this short video, we take a look at sunchokes—a root vegetable with a partisan history and full of rhizomatic potential. By providing for ourselves together, we can build a way out of this world and into the next.

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After the Flood, the Forest

On planting bananas in the warming Gulf Coast

The Gulf isn't just being inundated by rising seas—average temperatures are rapidly warming. As people alongside animal and plant communities face displacement due to these new conditions, are there beneficial roles we might still play in ecosystem transition? This in-depth essay looks at regional attempts to cultivate bananas, a plant suited to the changing environment and which provides abundant food as well.

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Rooted in Community

Lessons from Bloomington’s Neighborhood Planting Project

In this small Midwestern city, neighbors are coming together to plant food-bearing trees in yards, public spaces, and abandoned lots. By emphasizing both the relationships built and the saplings planted, the Neighborhood Planting Project has become a model of community resilience and food autonomy. In this essay, several participants share their vision of an abundant future and relay lessons learned across the years of this ongoing project.

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Grow: A Reading List

Deep dives on agriculture, ecology, climate, community, & more

This reading list collects a wide variety of articles and other resources submitted by friends of Inhabit. From practical tips on growing tomatoes and foraging wild plants to longreads on carbon sequestration and degrowth, the essays, videos, and podcasts gathered here can serve as both reference and inspiration for those engaged in the earthbound arts.

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