When the future hangs by a thread

Wildfires tear across the West and singe a continent’s skies. A Cat 4 strikes the Gulf on the anniversary of Katrina, with more storms on the horizon.

There is no future emergency for which we must prepare. We are already here—with every dystopian element, every means of revolution.

For Ida, some resources to follow:

Check the latest episode of Partisan Gardens for a look at urban farming on the South Side of Chicago, where Black and Brown farmers are reclaiming land after decades of racist policies.

The practice of urban farming challenges the priorities of the city’s political class, who keep awarding the Chicago Police Department more and more funding while so many residents suffer from food apartheid. Grassroots and autonomous food production not only reclaims the land, but facilitates community survival, organization, and future struggles.


“The world we are living against fractures a little more with each passing day.” Marcello Tarì on saving the world.

“It is not possible to renounce, in the name of bare life, what makes life worth living.” Il Rovescio & Giorgio Agamben on the new biosecurity regime.

“Liberal language is the armor one puts on if one is to remain good while complicit in the preservation of the anti-Black institution.” Yannick Giovanni Marshall on the defense of policing.

“Even a perfunctory reading of Foucault should raise questions about the current veneration of scientific expertise and de­mands to subordinate politics to science.” Geoff Shullenberger on the use and misuse of Foucault.

“Greed and convenience are the death of the soul.” 4 Thieves Vinegar Collective on hacking medicine.

“Highly decentralized, small-scale food production is not only possible, but practical.” Stephen Scott on the legacy of dacha gardens.

“We can build a better internet by first building the political power necessary to make it a reality.” Paris Marx on decentralized networks.

“So many daunting problems are coming at us at vicious speed, this seems like an easy one to start cracking away at.” Sarah Lazarovic on depaving cities.

“As we leave the Holocene behind, scientists are forced to abandon models that have governed our understanding of the planet for hundreds of years.” Emmett FitzGerald on the myth of a stable planet.

“Capitalism directly undermines its own productivity through industrially-produced biospheric destruction.” Salvage Collective on the rapaciousness of capital.

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