Emergency DIY Mask Guide

No one is coming to save us. We have to give ourselves the means to survive.

Mask design by an anonymous nurse

Illustration by Dianna Settles

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No one is coming to save us. It’s clear the politicians have no plan, and the elites would rather fill a million caskets than gracefully let capitalism die. Some health workers are still being instructed not to wear masks at work – even after the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization have admitted masks save lives. It’s up to us to give ourselves the means to survive their catastrophe.

These masks are based on research on effective household items that provide some measure of protection against transmission. Made with HEPA filters and high thread-count sheets, these are machine washable. They can be used to help healthcare personnel keep their N95 masks protected, and are more effective than bandanas in case of complete depletion of N95 masks for those needing to continue working in “essential services” and wishing to protect themselves and others, those needing to leave their houses for essential reasons, and those needing to take care of a loved one safely at home when no other personal protective equipment is available.

The risk of transmission is lowered if both parties are wearing masks during interaction in addition to social distancing. If you have 4 of the masks, and wear one per day, each one placed in it’s own individual bag, and wear #1 on day one, #2 on day two, and so on, by the time you return to #1, the mask would be essentially time-sterilized, as coronavirus does not survive more than a few hours on fabrics.

The effectiveness of homemade masks, in the event of no other alternative, has been shown to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission.

This information is provided for your independent evaluation. Neither the materials nor design of these masks has been reviewed or approved by the FDA or any other regulatory agency. Each individual must make their own independent determination as to whether the masks are suitable for any particular purpose.